“Expose” of Child Danger

Even The Today Show Seems Embarrassed by Its “Expose” of Child Danger

Readers — This video of what Matt Lauer dubs “an alarming social experiment” is so outlandishly UNalarming, even the hosts at the end seem to be distancing themselves.


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So here is the premise:

Would you notice a lost kid wandering around on his or her own? Would you get involved and help?

Staging a social experiment as many children return to school, the Rossen Reports team wired a boy named Bjorn Golden with hidden cameras to see if anyone would notice that he was apparently on his own and see if he needed help.

In fact, no one at the park questioned Bjorn. When the Rossen team showed the hidden camera footage to child safety advocate John Walsh, he said, “As the father of a murdered child, it’s very disturbing to me. It only takes a minute for the predator to identify a vulnerable child, swoop in, and you may never see your child again.”

Ah, there’s that phrase that is ruining childhood around the globe: “It only takes a minute…” Those words have convinced parents everywhere that if they take their eyes off their kid for even a single minute, their kid could well  be kidnapped. Except that:

continued at….http://www.freerangekids.com/even-the-today-show-seems-embarrassed-by-its-expose-of-child-danger/

Video at link.

Be afraid, be very afraid…….


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