Vagina Tax!

What is being put in the water these days? Insanity is rampant.

Sarah Silverman takes on wage inequality by planning gender reassignment surgery.

In her usual fashion, (usual lunacy)comedienne and left wing pundit Sarah Silverman is making headlines, this time setting her sights on the wage gap in a new video entitled “Sarah Silverman closes the gap.”

The video was made to promote the Equal Payback Project, which is a non-profit that advocates for equal pay for women, claiming that women in America are owed nearly $30 trillion dollars in back pay. The group project plans to take donations and use them to push for legislation to fight for the rights of women in the workplace.

“Every year the average woman loses around $11,000 to the wage gap. Over the course of her working life, that’s almost $500,000. That’s a $500,000 vagina tax!” Silverman said.

Silverman can be seen in the video parading around in a hospital gown where she is about to undergo gender reassignment surgery to become a man, in an attempt to collect equal pay.

After being shown an assortment of new penises to choose from, Silverman decides on an uncircumcised new “private part” that she says will match a pair of boots she has at home. She then bids a farewell to her “knucle-head” breasts, both of which she has given names.

She requests three “balls” from the surgeon before the procedure because, she says, “It’s going to take a lot of balls to tell women that the wage gap is fair.”

Silverman is also excited about her new endeavor as a man, as it will allow [him] to more easily “pee on walls.”

More with videos if you care to see them at….


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