How Long Must A Long Train Of Abuses Be?

The Camp Of The Saints

There’s been a very interesting discussion going-on over the past couple of days over at the Belmont Club in the Comments section of a post by Richard Fernandez.

At one point Subotai Bahadur [who I have quoted from approvingly a number of times before in these Dispatches] remarked:

Civility is a virtue up to a point. That point in politics is the point where it is forgotten what the purpose of politics is. Politics is how a society has agreed to allocate power and resources and and legitimize the process short of the violence that has been how our species has done it for as long as it has existed. Once the agreement on how politics are to be conducted is broken, the automatic default is bloodshed until a new equilibrium is achieved.

It seems that civility holds only in those who are in theory the opposition…

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