How to increase public approval for the police state

If someone were to design an event to bolster public support for a militarized police state, what would that event look like? Let us imagine:

The event involves a controversial use of force by police. The event generates a national controversy and debate — a debate which the government has sufficient evidence to win in the end. After facing criticism, the police demonstrate to the country that they were right and opponents were wrong.
The “victim” is as unsympathetic as possible; a suspect fleeing from an assault and robbery that took place on camera.

All the physical evidence supports the official version of events — illustrating how witnesses lie to condemn innocent cops.

Protests emerge and come off as unlikeable as possible, leaving a trail of theft, violence, arson, and destruction.

The media ends its silence on police brutality long enough to repetitively lionize the police and decry the actions of the deceased suspect and his violent supporters. The media intensely focuses on the wanton violence and the danger of public protests. Every statist pundit in the country chimes in, reiterating the righteousness of the police and the wrongness those who oppose them.
* * * * *

This scenario is not hypothetical. It currently playing out in Missouri, after a grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson after shooting Michael Brown. Dozens of businesses, buildings, and vehicles have been looted and burned to the ground by the aggressive mobs that have exploited the occasion.

The community has been left in ruins and countless new innocent victims have been created by people professing to seek “Justice for Michael Brown.” Images of smoldering wreckage and tearful shopkeepers have seared a lasting impression into the consciousness of the public — one that is beneficial for the perpetuation of the police state. Feelings of helplessness and vulnerability will be easily exploited by agencies desiring an increase in budgets and power.

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