–Yo mama’s so statist that she taxes your allowance so she can pay down the debt on the loan she took out to pay you an allowance.
–Yo mama’s so statist she went and got her breast milk approved by the government before feeding you
–Yo mama’s so statist she bombs her neighbors because they envy her freedom
–Yo mama’s so statist she named you Lehman and your brother Freddie Mac.

See the rest here…http://wendymcelroy.com/news.php?extend.6224

More Yo Mama Jokes;

Yo mama’s so statist she called the cops when you refused to wipe your own ass.
Yo mama’s so statist she canceled her cellphone to get an obama phone.
Yo mama’s so statist she bcc’s the NSA when she sends you email.
Yo mama’s so statist she’s got a mini quadrotor drone that follows you around.

Yo mama’s so statist she makes you redeem meal vouchers for dinner.
Yo mama’s so statist she only hires licensed baby sitters.
Yo mama’s so statist she confiscated your Halloween candy as contraband.
Yo mama’s so statist she requires Santa to have a chimney sweep permit.

more here…http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?464445-quot-Yo-mama-s-so-statist-quot-jokes


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