Dim-Witted Lawmakers Propose Toy Gun Color Legislation To Solve Police Training Problem

Give Me Liberty

This is from Bearing Arms.

I agree additional police training is needed.

The deaths of  Andy Lopez, John Crawford, were caused by poor judgement and to some extent Tamir Rice‘s death also. 

Part of the reason for the death of Tamir Rice was due to the ghetto hood rat mentality he was raised with.

That mentality is f**k the police and whiteys laws you approach life and the police with that outlook, you can very well end up dead.

Judgement needs to be improved and the ghetto hood rat mentality needs to be eradicated.

Report Stephen Koff asks a question that—to him—has a self-evident answer.

What if Tamir Rice’s toy gun had been painted bright pink or a chartreuse shade of green?

To Koff and dim-witted lawmakers from Ohio to Capitol Hill, requiring toy firearms or air rifles to be brightly colored is the solution to the small but tragic number of police shootings every year of people…

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