OH NO MEASLES, WE’RE ALL GONNA D— Wait, Do You Wanna See What Measles Looked Like Before Vaccinations?


(The video I’m talking about in the title is at the end for people who want to skip this rant about brainwashing and predictive programming and get right to the point.)

Today I have been called all manner of names and even been told people hope my children die simply for pointing out the fact that vaccines can cause outbreaks for the very diseases they are advertised to protect against on record.

See, I was behind on the level of frenzy they’ve whipped everyone up to with the measles because I don’t own cable TV, so I don’t pay to have government propaganda piped directly into my home. I didn’t realize that a large majority of the country is freaking out about vaccinations and measles to a completely irrational level.

(I’m sure this, by the way, has nothing to due with the fact that vaccine rates have slumped due to the CDC Whistleblower scandal on top of the flu shot admittedly not working this year…)

Right now, while a large swath of the American population runs around screaming that we’re all gonna die of measles like frightened sheep (the majority of whom are afraid of whatever the television tells them to be at the moment… ISIS, Ebola, whatever suits the establishment agenda) because a whopping 100 or so people have contracted measles from going to Disneyland (100 people out of the 15 MILLION who visit that park each year), it’s already been proven on record that a vaccinated person can start an outbreak of measles.

That’s not me saying that. That’s a report in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases as reported by the American Association for the Academy of Sciences saying that.

On top of that, the CDC’s own data shows that this “potentially lethal” disease only killed a grand total of FIVE people between 2004 and 2010… out of 300-plus MILLION people living in the U.S.

Five. Five people! Five people who were likely immune-compromised to begin with!


Potentially lethal? What a scaremongering semantics game. Slipping and falling on my bathroom floor is potentially lethal! Driving a car, drinking alcohol, climbing a ladder, eating a sandwich, water — all of these things can be considered “potentially lethal” because potentially lethal just means anything that could kill you. It doesn’t mean it will. Those are two different things.

Seriously. CALM DOWN, people!

But instead of just calmly using logic and common sense and realizing that we are supposed to have rights here in the United States, the good little vaccinated sheep trapped in their television-induced fear cycle are now hysterically screaming for people’s rights to be taken away even more than they already are in post-9/11 America… And, apparently a couple of them are wishing my children dead for merely mentioning that fully vaccinated people can cause outbreaks, that fully vaccinated people can still contract and spread the measles, that it isn’t deadly and the majority of people who get it won’t die, the people that do are usually immune compromised and live in places with poor or no sanitation, and basically for even talking about how ridiculous a lot of this hype is over on my blog. (Guess I’m not allowed to type, either.)


– See more at: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/oh-no-measles-were-all-gonna-d-wait-do-you-wanna-see-what-measles-looked-like-before-vaccinations_012015#sthash.kc4utPpz.dpuf


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