Every American Should Spend a Day In Jail

I am pretty sure my day is coming.


Source: The Common Sense Show, by Dave Hodges

I get 200-300 emails everyday. I frequently hear from foreign nationals who read what I write on this website. These people write to me from global hot spots like Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, the Philippines, etc. There is a consistent theme that emanates from these countries that have experienced American imperialism in one form or another. In nearly every case, the theme of their contacts is the same in that they ask me how I can pretend to write in the name of justice while ignoring the human slaughter and unimaginable suffering that U.S. forces have caused around the world in the name of corporate greed and profit? These people have a point, an undeniable point.

The CIA Sponsored ISIS

Make no mistake about it, ISIS is a CIA creation which was allowed to grow by American military equipment purposefully left behind…

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